Jhawar, a Harvard Business School graduate, made her mark as a founding member and global marketing head at EOS, the revolutionary lip balm company. Whether you work for a law firm or at a creative agency, below, Im sharing cool outfit ideas that will have you actually looking forward to getting dressed for work this summer.Pleated Skirt Camisole BlazerA photo posted by on A slightly oversize blazer will add polish to a breezy pleated skirt and lightweight camisole top. These jeans are ridiculously soft and comfortable, very loose and baggy. Blame it on the city's breakneck pace or the subway grates that scuff your shoes, but these pieces stay at home or, for those who dwell in multiple cities, stored away. I'm a natural brunette but have always been drawn to the idea of lightening my curly coils to bring a little light to my face as the weather gets warmer.For a better idea of what Saint Laurent Sale to expect from hair color trends this season, I reached out to Jennifer Korab, a New Jersey celebrity hairstylist specializing in colors and extensions. Let's be honest for a moment. This year Revolve FWRD decided to take it host a pop-up in one of the hottest winter getaway spots ever: Aspen. Two Who What Wear editors were in Aspen this week, so talk about an on-trend destination.While my first priority is to stay warm, I'm not knocking style off the to-do list. So I, of course, had to tell someone about all of the great items I spotted among the sale offerings, and that someone is you. This event should require just as much focus because it's your first impression on some attendees to kick off a weekend of festivities.Since many of us have a good number of events coming up, it's important to buy items that will have longevity in our closets. We were struggling to find a venue and really felt very strongly about having everyone stay on the property. Being that you're into Warhol and the '80s, it makes sense that you're into big earrings. From simple canvas bags to market totes to structured investment bags, I'm highlighting those worth adding to your wardrobe. Released in saintslaurentssale.com 1964, the Hermes Garden Party is a functional and well-priced bag among the Hermes collection. I'd bet your closet and bank account will be very pleased with my finds. Floral prints dont always have to be perceived as girly, as designers such as Miu Miu, Gucci, and even Topshop are churning out this familiar print with a gothic-meets-grunge vibe that were very excited about. Whatever age you may be at the moment, my hope is that it may resonate with your thoughts about shopping too. Whether you're wearing jeans or a classic LBD, a pair of colored tights will take the outfit to an A real quick. I paired this black midi skirt with a simple white tank for a more subdued take and used my accessories to play with color." Aniyah Morinia, associate editor, Who What Wear"I don't know about you, but the comeback of the cardigan has probably been one of my favorite trends to make it back on the scene.