Bonus points if its tied into a bow. However, make sure that these tops are in neutral tones and that theyre sleeved. A polished cardigan or sweater also makes a great piece underneath a blazer. If you're a planner like I am and want to see what clothing items are a top priority on my trip, keep scrolling. Relaxed BlazerI never thought I'd become one of those girls who wear blazers on a plane, but yes, that time has come. I love throwing on an oversize blazer over a simple T-shirt and leggings, as it's still comfortable and makes me feel like a celebrity being paparazzi'd at LAX. The Dior Book Tote, an original style introduced by Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri, has bee a staple of the Dior aesthetic. This medium style, fully embroidered with the Mille Fleurs motif, is reminiscent of bucolic Apulian landscapes, a central theme of the collection. Adorned with the 'Christian Dior' signature, the Dior Book Tote exemplifies the House's signature savoir-faire and can be paired with other Golden Goose Sneakers Mille Fleurs creations from the collection. Just pair an oversize turtleneck with leather jeans. Top it all off with a scarf tied over one shoulder, and you're ready to go. STYLING TIP: Layer a turtleneck under a similarly-coloured shirt and pair with a coordinated maxi skirt for a warm, but flirty outfit. And just like the A-listers who've been spotted there of late, I put a lot of thought into what I packed.Aspen more than almost anywhere I've ever been gives off the "be seen" vibe. In other words, when you're there, you always want to have on a cool outfit, even if you're physically on the slopes, après-skiing at Ajax Tavern, or simply hanging out in the lobby of your hotel. So naturally, when I found out about the trip, I quickly made a point to source trends that fit that energy. After analyzing the spring summer 2024 collections, we spotted several key themes that we can already say with certainty will come to define the upcoming season and the year at large.As with any fresh batch of trends that arrives, there will inevitably be a decline in several more that have served their time. Out with the old, and in with the new, right? While you should prepare to see a range of new-season shades like icy blush, rich espresso bean, and brooding burgundy, we should warn you that you may notice a decline in a few not-as-fresh colors too. Ahead, discover the fashion color trends that are in for 2024 they're the ones you'll see in every street style gallery during fashion month, stocked on every virtual shelf, and sported by all your in-the-know friends and, consequently, which outdated hues we're officially phasing out. If you guessed Madewell and J.Crew, you're on the money.Classic, elevated, and timeless, both J.Crew and Madewell have built cult-like followings unlike any others. Until recently, though, I never fully understood the hype. Sure, I shopped at both over the years, picking up a sweater or a great pair of jeans. Why did you think, "You know what? Let's put all this information together in a book"?I was staying at my cousin's house, and I was doing my FaceTime styling sessions in her guest bedroom. In between each session, she would run in and be like, "Okay, who was she?" We would talk about each person, and then at the end of the day, we sat down, and we were talking about the women that I had met that day. We were kind of analyzing them.Maybe it's crazy, but it was the first time that I was thinking about the clients on a larger scale.