high quality Tea Plucking Machine is used to trim plants and flowers, for different requirements, and different operation methods. But many users do not know these when using, and do not know how to operate. As a manufacturer focusing on the supply of high quality Tea Plucking Machine, Dehua will explain to you the main points of operation in this respect, which can make users better apply the purchased high quality Tea Plucking Machine.

1, the operation method of stereotyping pruning is a lot of users want to know, the so-called stereotyping is to avoid the growth of plants at will, let it grow in the envisaged situation. For example, a high quality Tea Plucking Machine can be used to prune a tea tree, and it is important to shape a newly planted tea tree. Surely many people have seen pictures of tea gardens, neat and neat, which is the benefit of styling. The fundamental is to change the growth mode of the tea tree according to the demand, control the growth rate, and let the tea tree grow horizontally, so that the tea tree can be cultivated with more robust trunk branches.

2, shallow pruning, this is to improve the density of green plants, promote the growth of new branches, so that the whole green plant looks thicker. This level of pruning is usually done once or twice a year.

3, deep pruning, is to cut small and weak branches, so that the green plants grow to the center, generally with high quality Tea Plucking Machine to trim off the branches ten centimeters.

4, directly cut off half of the green plant, or in the place of thirty or forty centimeters from the ground, cut the top directly, this pruning method is generally for some aging branches.

5, of course, if the aging is serious, it needs to be pruned directly from the root, almost five or six centimeters from the ground.

There are many ways to trim green plants, which shows how wide the user of high quality Tea Plucking Machine is, and can meet a variety of needs of users.

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