Notebook Printing china, as a daily visible printing product, is used to record the date so that people can check the date. Electronic Notebook Printing china has been produced in the age of information technology.

Printed paper Notebook Printing china has also appeared a lot of personalized custom specifications, Notebook Printing china has many forms, such as: Calendar, desk calendar, calendar card and other forms and styles, Notebook Printing china through the date displayed on each page can also be divided into several styles, each page shows a day's information is called Notebook Printing china, each page shows a week for the weekly calendar, each page shows a month's information is called the monthly calendar. An annual calendar that displays information for the whole year on each page is called an annual calendar. The role of the desk calendar in life is mainly a tool that is placed on the desk or various tables for observation and memory.

First of all, if you want to make a desk calendar suitable for yourself, you must first clearly know what size and what function you need. Through size and function, you can make clear what kind of layout to do, whether it is vertical or horizontal version, can tear or not tear, page turning or folding, can write and mark or not write and mark, making a desk calendar is very simple. However, if you want to make a suitable desk calendar, you have to consider many aspects, if you buy a desk calendar just to see the date, you don't have to bother so much, just buy a convenient one.

Desk calendars come in several standard sizes

Horizontal version of the calendar size: 140 x145mm / 207 x145mm x155mm / 255/290 x120mm

Vertical desk calendar size: 145x207mm

Calendar size: 373 x385mm / 430 x570mm x690mm / 430/480 x770mm

Other sizes can be specially designed.

Because today's young people are the pursuit of different, of course, for custom calendar personality, the so-called pursuit of personality, is different, no one will like the collision shirt. Therefore, the desk calendar printing is to support and encourage consumers to design the desk calendar, and the materials are designed by consumers as much as possible. Because each consumer's aesthetic and use of different, so personalized customized products are usually a variety of.

The printing paper of the desk calendar mostly uses coated paper and double gray cardboard or single-sided white board. General desk calendar is recommended to use coated paper production, shell and other accessories can choose other their favorite materials, coated paper is mainly used for printing albums, covers, postcards, exquisite product samples and color trademarks. Coated paper printing pressure should not be too large, to use offset resin ink and bright ink. To prevent the back sticking dirty, can be used to add anti-dirty agent, spray powder and other methods. Copper paper is divided into single-sided smooth and double-sided smooth. Printing desk calendar with copper sheet paper generally requires a minimum of 105g, the highest 400g, it is recommended to choose the desk calendar paper with 250g to 400g effect. In desk calendar printing, the high-quality material enables the desk calendar to be used for a year, requiring the paper to have the advantages of thick, smooth, waterproof and so on. Production process: plate making - Printing - cutting - laminating - paging - trimming - punching - piercing ring - inspection - packaging, printing process: cover matte film, hot gold, hot silver, oil, punch, hollow, die cutting, etc., according to product needs to add a special process, make Notebook Printing china add a high-end, atmospheric, exquisite.

Notebook Printing china