While the serum is doing its work, the mascara adds volume and length that lasts all day. Emily Burns, Assistant Beauty Editor Telescopic Mascara A makeup artist friend recommended this lengthening mascara to me few years ago, and I've been using it ever since! I like having long dramatic lashes and this delivers. It stays on at the gym, but washes off easily at home, which is definitely a plus. Shop them all below to get in on the fun.All the FluffWhy settle for a fur coat when you could carry the fuzzy warmth all the way down to your toes? At least, externally. And no, I'm not talking about the tried-and-true comfy, cozy UGGs. This season, designers have brought fur to the outside of the shoe, to be seen by all. Chalk it up to the Miu Miu effect, but women in Italy are all about showing leg this summer. If you're not on board, may I direct you to Kaia Gerber's full-skirted midi instead? Keep scrolling to see and shop all five of the trends I noticed. 1. The holiday season is officially in full swing, and now's the time to stock up on some festive fashion if there's something your wardrobe's missing. Thanks to retailers like Amazon, everything from essentials to staple pieces can be yours in record time, with many for $50 and under, no matter how late you are to the shopping game. You're probably no stranger to the website, but as a friendly reminder, you can find everything from cozy sweaters and dressy blouses to luxe-looking earrings and fashionable footwear. Whether I'm heading to a work meeting or simply running late to dinner with friends, sifting through a handful of no-fail outfit combinations means I can throw something stylish together in 60 seconds flat.Ahead, I've broken down six of my favorite quick ensembles. Going for a streamlined monochromatic look or simply updating a basic combo with an unexpectedly elegant twist have become signatures in my repertoire, and I think you'll find them handy too. You may even have these items already in your closet, ready to be paired, but if not, feel free to pick out additional styles to update your lineup.Once you've queued up the outfit Dior Shoes Sale you want to create, set a timer for 60 seconds, and see how quickly you can pull it together.All Black A Leather Jacket When you're too short on time to be inspired, lean into a streamlined all-black look. The no-stretch style is a favorite of mine for its vintage appeal and flattering fit. But when you're sitting upright in a confined space for hours on end and can barely bend over in them to pull your suitcase off the baggage claim conveyor belt, let alone reach down to quickly remove your shoes when going through security, it's quite apparent that they're the worst denim style to wear on a flight.But all of this isn't to say that I've stopped wearing jeans on flights entirely. In fact, nine times out of 10, you'll find me in them when I travel. Twenty-three larger than life cut-out dresses were arranged along a geometric black-and-white background, superimposed over the runway, giving new power to the dresses. With the stage set in an almost divine way, Chiuri began the collection by considering a 1952 design by Christian Dior: La Cigale, a moire dress in signature Dior gray that is tailored diorshoesvip.com to appear somehow both rigid and sinuous. This led Chiuri to explore the dichotomy of warp and weft: the to and fro of design between structure and ease, rigor and fluidity.