Admittedly, it's a confusing time for baseball caps in menswear. Of late, the fellas have been encouraged to wear hats bearing the name of female authors, which sounds good in theory, but in real life, if I meet a man wearing a hat that reads LYDIA DAVIS, I'm throwing up on him. The brand circumvented this gripe by giving attendees notepads and pens to write their show notes. The -based company launched in 2019 with scent-led body care, and it's now regarded as part of K-beauty's new wave, with three warmly minimalist stores in the Korean capital. We were chatting about how amazing it would be if we could create a space where people could find those iconic collections again-in a space that was curated, and which showed you how to wear those things in a modern and relevant way. Whether it was pausing during the mute challenge in "Energy," or even taking the line, "I just quit my job" from "Break My Soul" literally, the Bey Hive is always ready to take directive. This weekend, made an appearance at a Beauty event in Los Angeles promoting her new foundation that gives you a "golden hour glow"-but it was her red carpet look that was truly golden. Brooklyn-based braider Duran shares that clients predominantly bring in nonhuman references when providing inspiration. Yes, to release an album and to make some headline-inspiring paparazzi walk, but also to turn up at her own event. While on tour, his normal routine goes like this: He wakes up, he has a little breakfast, he works out, and he's on his way. She's single-but not of her own volition. It's been a long time coming for short shorts, which feel more polished and grown-up than ever thanks Dior Shoes Sale to smart pairings with blazers and knits Wales Bonner or button-ups and belts and Dries. The Oscar winner dipped her toe into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2021, playing Thena in The Eternals. It's no coincidence that there are two similar dresses available to buy on Victoria right now. Summer dresses might not seem primed for the act, but a tunic over a pair of trousers, or a simple white tee underneath a V-neck maxi, proves they can the be ultimate shape shifters. And she practices what she preaches. If you are to only buy one accessory for spring '24, let it be the day clutch. Beyond the obvious intrigue of being a famous person's child, Suri also seems to have inherited Holmes's laid-back relationship with clothing: she recently wore a slouchy cardigan and double denim, Vans skate trainers - so far so tomboy-ish - with a hyper-femme corset top.